Not everyone has a car, or family/friend available to give you a lift when it comes to transporting your pet to the local veterinary practice. Carrying a heavy basket and waiting for a bus is far from convenient – not to mention distressing for nervous cats.  Some mini-cab drivers are understandably reluctant to allow animals, in particular dogs, inside their cars if their next fare is likely to be a smartly dressed businessman... and I doubt they’d help you basket your difficult cat, or come into the surgery with you to offer you moral support.. but there is a solution – our PETS-2-VETS service:

  • I collect you and your pet from your home, drive you to your veterinary practice, wait with you, and return you to your door.
  • If you need assistance to basket your belligerent cat or help to carry a collapsed dog, just ask.
  • If your cat basket has seen better days (or you just don't have one) mention it when booking and we'll bring one of ours.
  • If you are elderly/housebound or disabled we can take your animal to the vet on your behalf, stay with and reassure your pet during examination and pass on the list of symptoms to the vet. 
  • You can also book our drop off/collection service for a pet booked in for an operation  (or a trip to the grooming parlour, or a stay at a cattery/kennels).
  • We will collect a deceased pet for transportation to your surgery, or to the pet cemetery, with or without the owner.