Many dog owners have, by necessity, to work.  Taking your dog for an invigorating early morning walk and a relaxing evening stroll gives you both some much needed exercise and quality time together, but that still leaves a long period in the day when your canine friend is on his own, and boredom can set in.  This is where our dog walking service can come to the rescue!


The service we offer includes:

 An interview, at a time convenient to you, when we will come and meet your dog/s, take details of their medical history, temperament and any feeding/medication requirements.  We will explain to you our careful strategy for introducing your dog to the others that come on our group walks.  You can read through our references and ask any questions you may have.  At this time we ask you for a £20.00 deposit, which will be deducted from your first (monthly, in arrears) invoice.

  • Collection from your home of your dog for secure transportation to the day’s venue for our walk..
  • A countryside walk through woods and fields, with the opportunity for ball play for the younger, energetic dogs, or just a steady amble alongside us for the older, more sedate members of our group.
  • Return home where we will dry muddy paws/wet coats, check the water bowl is full and give a treat (if instructed) before leaving.

Since we take out a group of dogs together, to be eligible for this service your dog must meet the following criteria:

  1. He/she must be sociable (non-aggressive) towards other dogs/people.
  2. Have had basic training to sit on command and reliably come to call.
  3. Be happy to journey by car, and not suffer from travel sickness.