You may enjoy a trip away from home, but 99.9% of cats do not!  Cats are territorial… you only have to basket one for a visit to the vet to see the anxiety caused by leaving their home environment.  This is why I decided to offer an alternative to the cattery;

The service we provide includes:


An interview at your home, at a time convenient to you, when I will take details of your pet/s, their medical history and feeding requirements.   You can read through our references, and ask any questions you may have.  At this time we take a £20.00 deposit, which will be refunded when the number of visits you have booked with us reaches 10.


  • A daily visit to wash food and water bowls and serve a fresh meal/drink to your pet/s.
  • Daily sifting and regular cleaning of a litter tray, if in use, and sweeping up of the surrounding area.
  • Checking around for and cleaning up of any little ‘accidents.’  
  • Time spent amusing/playing with kitten-cats, and a cuddle or a stroke for those who enjoy human contact (or space for those who don’t!).
  • Watering of (a reasonable number) of houseplants is included in our fee.  They should be grouped together, and detailed instructions left for us.
  • Removal of telltale post, newspapers and leaflets from porches and letterboxes (and collection of parcels, if left with neighbours).
  • We put out and return wheelie bins and recycling boxes to their usual position (which gives the impression that your home is occupied).
  • Alternating lights, moving curtains                              
  • A daily security check of doors and windows, and setting of your alarm system, if you have one.